• Any visitor from any team or camp can come and train with us.
  • Visiting Gracie Barra members from other clubs train free for a week.
  • You are welcome to train with us even if you split your training between Gracie Barra Leeds and another non-Gracie Barra team.
  • You are welcome to train with us even if you represent another Jiu-Jitsu team at a competition.
  • You can attend the fundamentals classes at any level.
  • You can attend the advanced classes at any level.
  • You cannot spar until you are a white belt 2 stripes, or until the instructor thinks you are ready.
  • Full adult members can use S&C equipment anytime the gym is open.


  • If you are new and do not have a Gi, you can train in shorts and a t-shirt, or make use of a loan gi if one is available.
  • You will be expected to purchase your own official Gracie Barra Gi within the first few of weeks of training.
  • Gi’s must be clean each session.
  • Rashguards or a T-shirt must be worn under the Gi.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a coloured belt system consisting of White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belts.
  • Grades are recognized from other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu associations.
  • Grades from other martial arts do not count, you will start at white belt.
  • The length of time varies between each belt level according to individual ability – it is a personal journey.
  • You do not pay for organized assessment “gradings” – you will be promoted when your instructor feels you are ready.
  • Grades are given as a result of attending Gi classes.
  • You will not be promoted by us if you are not a full-time member.
  • You will not be promoted by us if you do the majority of your BJJ training elsewhere.
  • Everybody has a different situation – we realise that. You are welcome – and encouraged – to discuss any of the points above so we can come to an individual arrangement if needed.